Listen to the Call of the O’o A’a

Bishop’s O’o

How do we heal our sense of loss? 

Recorded on Kauai in 1983, this is the last recorded call of male O’o A’a searching for a mate.

Upon hearing the recording of the O’o A’a I felt a profound sense of loss. I am attempting to look on this as an opportunity to heal this sense of loss in myself through the practice of Self Identified Ho’oponopono.

Self Identified Ho’oponopono is different from traditional Ho’oponopono. Traditionally, a Kahuna, (shaman/priest/healer} would bring together the ohana (family and extended family} to work out conflicts on the emotional and physical levels.

In the 1970s Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, a Kahuna trained in the traditional ways, developed a new form of Ho’oponopono geared towards a more fragmented Western society. It is a process of taking full responsibility for all of your thoughts and judgements and cleaning them through saying,

” I’m sorry. I love you. Please forgive me. Thank You.”

Morrnah’s student, Dr. I Haleakala Hew Len writes, “If memory (thoughts, ideas, concepts, assumptions, belief} is replaying past truths that result in despair and inertia – We want to let them all go because they may be acting as placeholders for the problem to continue repeating. What we want is to connect to the Divine, the wisdom, already within us to attend to the questions or experiences we are observing in our minds. You are talking to the living energy of Love, the Divine presence within you as YOU.”

During the painting process I said the Self Identified Ho’oponopono prayer throughout and my intention with this project is to create a space for a collective healing of our sense of loss.

Mahalo palena ‘ole.
Gratitude beyond measure.

Stephanie Sachs

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